Clever Spending or Clever Earning: Navigating Business Growth with a Clever Accountant at Your Side

The essence of growing a business isn't solely about reducing costs. It's about discerning which expenses actually foster revenue growth. Take, for instance, a small startup I billed $1,800 for tax preparation and financial statements. With a few strategic tweaks, they secured a $12,000 refund, all within the bounds of legality. Without these adjustments, they would have faced a $1,666 liability. It is a very trivialised example.

The Resilience of a Half-Full Glass: Why Nadia Refuses to Judge Those Enduring Hard Times

The glass brings back memories of hope during my turbulent times when I was utterly desperate. In December 2018, I was in very bad shape: a double divorcee, separated from the father of my children and from my business partner—a dare you to beat my title. The correct words to describe my state were dishevelled, depressed, and defeated, still recovering from my car accident, where I shattered my sternum.

The Curious Conundrum: A Financial Advisor's Fascination with Artists

I prefer to work with motivated and hungly for change, goal-oriented business owners, but every now and then, I find myself succumbing to the charms of an odd artist. Am I mad? Why would I willingly embrace the whimsy of such creative souls?

Picture this: an accountant's life, normally mired in the mundane, is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of an artist, their imagination awash with vivid hues of peculiarity. It's like stepping into a Salvador Dalí painting, where reality and dreams entwine in a mesmerizing dance.

The Unpardonable Accountant: Indelible First Impressions. Meeting Leisa

Yet, a paradox surrounds her. She poses seemingly naive questions about finance, akin to a child's innocence, but I sense her struggle lies not in grasping the concept but in navigating the intentionally imposed complexity. She's fallen victim to pragmatists who convinced her that finance is a foreign realm, beyond her reach. What they never disclosed is that they deliberately employ convoluted jargon to maintain their gatekeeper status. They consider her a threat, for they fear that once creative minds comprehend finance, they'll multiply wealth at an astonishing pace.

Client Story: Leisa boarded the wrong flight and ended up on a surprise vacation.

Is she selling just materials and labor, measured in hours? Or perhaps, it's the prestige of owning an unreplicable piece of art? Yet, prestige is not what drives her. What Leisa yearns for is that moment of transcendence, where invisible forces guide her physical being to craft unearthly shapes. She loses herself for hours in front of her kilns, neglecting even her basic needs, as she breathes life into inspiration.

But in the wake of each enchanting trance, a cruel and unforgiving reality emerges. Leisa finds herself entangled in the merciless embrace of practicality. An apparently innocuous inquiry, "What's your asking price for this masterpiece?" becomes a vice, constricting around her with each fleeting breath.

Who is my Hero?

When I finally retire and write my memoirs, the small business owner will be my true hero. They face harsh economic conditions underequipped. Sacrifice is their middle name. They work tediously long hours for a financial scraps in the first couple years of establishment.  Many of them will perish in an unequal struggle with the forthcoming recession. I want to celebrate these humble but exhausted heroes and help them to become equipped when faced with the battle of their lives. Where do I get my fervent belief in Australian small business? From recent history. Who helped Aussies pull through the extensive episodes of lockdown? The partisans of the business world: the small business owners.

They employed the tactics of the resistance: the speed, the surprise, and the mobility. In a short period of time, the troops were assembled, bolstered by local businesses that had acquired a thorough knowledge about e-marketing and rolled out online stores – with full logistical support (including delivery). They did not act as competitors but as a helping hand. Our partisans will escalate their resistance once again to combat this looming ugly recession.

Post-soviet lessons for the post-corona economy

As a young woman in Russia I experienced first hand the economic chaos that resulted from the fall of the Soviet Union.

While the economic, social and political circumstances differ today, many of the same traits that separated financial success and failure in the immediate post-Soviet economy, will apply in the post-pandemic economy today.

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Also, stay tuned for an innovative new venture I'm working on to help businesses navigate through the treacherous post-covid economy ahead.

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Making the most of working from home

In these unprecedented times, one thing we are being reminded of – and not just when we witness Italians creating glorious, impromptu concerts over balconies – is that humans are resilient, and we adapt well to change.

When change is being ushered in as quickly as it has been lately, we have to respond equally fast.

But there’s two ways to respond to a changing and uncertain landscape: we can panic, or we can remain calm.

Unlock the Key to Financial Success in 2020

How would you describe your relationship with money?

 Is money something you are naturally “good” at? Or do you dread to even think about your finances?

 Understanding your personal relationship to money is a really important step to take if you want to feel positive, in control and confident with your finances.


Traits of a Great Investment Advice

 Great investing advice is transparent. Unfair Advantage eliminates hidden or mysterious fees and obscured relationships. A great advice is transparent about data privacy: our client should have a clear view of how and where their information is being used. 

Great investing advice is independent. Everyone wins when we put our client first, and conflicted advice is a sure path to loss of trust and diminishing returns.

Your Essential Guide to Business Tax Rates

Whether you are new to business or in your 20th year of operating, staying up to date with current business tax rates will ensure you can work them into your business plan. Tax rates can be an overwhelming subject for many business owners so we have broken down the essentials for you. Knowledge is power, so grab a coffee and let’s get started. We promise to keep the boring bits to a minimum and get your excited about tax (yes! It is possible!)

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