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The Unpardonable Accountant: Indelible First Impressions. Meeting Leisa

The Unpardonable Accountant: Indelible First Impressions. Meeting Leisa

Today took an intriguing turn as I found myself in the captivating presence of Leisa, a masterful glassblower and artist. It's almost as if I unintentionally diverted her attention from my business partner, who is now caught up in quite a bit of annoyance. My partner called me, irate, insisting that Leisa should have met with her, not me. In my defense, I was unaware of this arrangement, as our secretary requested my involvement due to the partner's absence. Regrettable as it may be, the die was cast.

Nonetheless, conversing with Leisa was an absolute delight, to say the very least.
There's an indescribable allure about creative souls like hers. They don't judge my accent; instead, they're as inquisitive as children. I find solace in the pure innocence of their curiosity, exploring the depths of my foreign origins.

It's amusing how exotic I appear to them, despite our kind being scattered across the globe. Leisa, with her hands accustomed to labor and an aristocratically slender countenance, possessed a deep, intelligent spark in her eyes—an enigmatic talent that defies words but beckons to be discovered.

Yet, a paradox surrounds her. She poses seemingly naive questions about finance, akin to a child's innocence, but I sense her struggle lies not in grasping the concept but in navigating the intentionally imposed complexity. She's fallen victim to pragmatists who convinced her that finance is a foreign realm, beyond her reach. What they never disclosed is that they deliberately employ convoluted jargon to maintain their gatekeeper status. They consider her a threat, for they fear that once creative minds comprehend finance, they'll multiply wealth at an astonishing pace.

I cherish the prospect of gifting her the ability to handle money with ease. It's a journey we embark upon together, a challenge I eagerly embrace.

She passed an unspoken test; she laughed at my coarse humor. I make no claims to being proud of my awkward jokes; they serve as my litmus test. Only those with a light-hearted disposition can truly connect with me. In return, I'm prepared to invest my time and knowledge in them.

Creative souls are akin to a potent virus. If they grasp the intricacies of financial wisdom, they'll put pragmatists to shame. Shall we engage in this game? Are we ready to unleash the beast?

Written by Nadia Hughes. 

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