A .James Pickersgrill

"Wow!! Highly intelligent, driven and a passion for the best outcome for her clients. An impressive adviser and accountant. Nadia is a game changer in our industry."

Dean Hutchins

"Nadia is not only a great adviser, but is so much more.  I know many professionals, but very few have the enthusiasm, drive, commitment and ability to work at Nadia's level.  On a personal note, Nadia is a warm, caring person who is supportive of her friends and colleagues and someone I trust implicitly."

Kate Fennessy

"In a short time working with Nadia, I have already learned so much about running a business and money, helping me to run my business more effectively. Nadia has helped me set up more efficient processes and systems and explained things to me that I've previously had trouble getting my head around! She is not intimidating or confusing - her advice is really helpful and motivating. She explains the big picture to me in a way that makes my understanding more long-term. Thank you, Nadia!"

Scott Doughty

"Nadia has been our accountant for a couple of years now taking care of our personal, business and superannuation accounting. I have never met anyone with as much passion and energy for her profession. She has taken the time to get to know our specific needs and continues to manage our financial strategy for the best overall outcome. Nadia has a great team supporting her, all of whom share the same high level of knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm."

Sarah Andersen

"Nadia has been fabulous, in so many ways. She has helped me to understand and grow my business, as well as understand and translate Xero. 
On a personal Level, Nadia has given me the confidence I was lacking, and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you Nadia, for everything."

Peter Ritchie

"Pro-active, Future Business Planning, Monthly Performance Tracking, Results Driven - not words you often associate with an Accountant, but with Nadia you get them all, or the ones you choose to have. Nadia is an Accountant who will NOT wait until the end of the financial year just to tell you what you owe the ATO, she will plan and prepare so that you don't have a debt. Their business model also encompasses personal financial strategies and planning for the long term. I personally love her own quote, "Tax is not a debt, it is just a marketing levy to allow you to borrow money from banks". Then she works on the best possible outcomes, using all the legally available resources. If you want dodgy, Nadia is not for you. If you want cheap & nasty, Nadia is not for you. If you want to be pushed to better, to work smarter not harder and to potentially reap the rewards, then Nadia is for you. I have referred a number of clients to her and will continue to do so. That in itself should be enough of a recommendation."

Liam Staines

"Nadia is unlike any Accountant I have met. Her message is clear that she is passionate about empowering business owners to take their business to the next Level."

Sue Barr

"Very professional and enterprising company, we are pleased to have found Nadia who on first impression of meeting we knew we had found something special. We have experienced everything from good service, full explanations, actually being listened to, quick turn around, -  for the first time I feel our company is in exceptional hands."

Laz Nagy

"Nadia and her team certainly is a surprise package. I was looking for straight ahead advise, and direction....boy did I get that. Highly recommended, especially if you are looking for strategic direction as well as first rate accounting. Thanks Nadia."


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