You dream about your future, right? You have your wish list. You picture how your business will blossom evermore, and you and your family will be enjoying care free holiday twice a year, that’s correct is it not? Maybe you dream of something different yet, the issue will persist and as Lee Bolman delightfully put it, “a vision without a strategy remains an illusion.” Now, let us help you to design a strategy to bring your dreams into existence. We are the new age financial planners with our 21st century procedures.  The Royal Commission’s clean up party does not bother us as we solely focus on strategy, not on commissions or other kickbacks. Unfair Advantage Accounting is a fee for service firm, commissions are a big no-no for us. Our staff has a very clever wealth maximizing strategy for business owners. We make sure your hard-earned dollars are working towards your future.

Sometimes life is unpredictable. You may be going through a separation or a divorce and, it can be the most devastating, as well as, expensive process you will ever undertake. Don’t let your divorce ruin you financially. Before you commit yourself to any legal proceedings make a complimentary appointment with us.  Our director Nadia Hughes is certified as a Neutral Financial Professional. As a Neutral Financial Professional, Nadia is consequently a licensed Authorised Representative - Financial Planner and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who helps the couple evaluate their financial situation and develop a few creative solutions to their complex financial problems. Nadia is your most valuable player when it comes to building a collaborative divorce team who will work very closely and exclusively with the divorcing couple. The team members will bring clarity and understanding to the couple’s finances with the sole objective of helping them to achieve a mutually agreeable settlement that works for both parties involved.

Nadia’s other passion is working with clients in all fields but, particularly in the medical industry as she loves the unique nuances of their financial needs and helping to set up their pathway to a successful retirement or succession


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