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Unlock the Key to Financial Success in 2020

Unlock the Key to Financial Success in 2020

How would you describe your relationship with money?

Is money something you are naturally “good” with? Or do you dread to even think about your finances?

 Understanding your personal relationship with money is a really important step to take if you want to feel positive, in control and confident with your finances.

 In a lot of ways, although it may sound strange, money is like a form of energy. How you attract it, how you manage it – it’s akin to managing a source of energy that you exchange with the world.

 Do you waste money?

Are you hoarding it or are you in control of how it moves in and out of your life?

 Our relationship with money is often a fascinating insight into ourselves, our family history, and our inherited resistances or triggers.

 Sometimes we don’t even realise the baggage we carry around in this area of our lives, but its impact on our success, happiness and wellbeing can be enormous.

 How we relate to money can reveal insights into our sense of personal security, our joy and our sense of self-worth. It can reveal hidden guilt, a sense of shame, pent-up anger or deep-seated insecurities that we’re not even aware we have.

 Many people are in a constant struggle with money: always striving for more, battling to put anything away despite being paid well; others feel it simply slips through their fingers.

 Some people crave money and yet blame other for never having enough, do you know which one are you?

Nadia Hughes is passionate about unlocking people’s relationships with money, so as to free them up, allowing them to have a more positive and prosperous relationship with their finances, aligned with their goals and aspirations.

At Unfair Advantage, you can book a Behavioural Finance session with Nadia where she will help you to understand your relationship with money, and then assist you to reframe it, as these recent client testimonials attest to:

 “This is one of the most empowering and insightful sessions I have ever had. I have done a lot of personal exploration and self-enquiry. This session with Nadia was a fundamental part of that journey.”

 “I would highly recommend it to anyone, especially those that feel confusion, anxiety, guilt, shame, anger or greed when it comes to money. You might find a shining light, to guide you to a new and improved connection to money and a new and improved connection to yourself.”

 “Thanks Nadia so much for today, and for everything you have done for us, you are truly remarkable and I will forever grateful. You are a talented wise woman, with such generosity. The session today was incredible.”

To book your session in 2020 or learn more, visit:


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